Neighborhood Sweeps

Neighborhood Sweeps
To enhance routine patrols by individual zone officers, neighborhood sweeps were established in 2004 as a comprehensive approach to improve areas within Temple Terrace.

Each month explanation letters and ordinance checklists are mailed to a selected area. Within thirty days, homes along the targeted streets experience heightened attention as the Code Compliance team visits the neighborhood on foot, Segway and vehicles to address maintenance standards such as debris accumulation, unclean sidewalks, overgrown conditions, yard parking, inoperative or untagged vehicles, improperly stored boats and RVs and houses, fences and sheds in disrepair.

The program’s goal is to maximize “pride of ownership.” For code clarification or to request a courtesy inspection, call Code Compliance at (813) 506-6680.

Adopt A Tree Program
As part of the department’s neighborhood sweep program, the Adopt-A-Tree initiative is being implemented to beautify and reinvigorate the city’s urban forest. Financed through fees required to offset trees removed during development, citizens can apply to have young trees planted at their residence by trained volunteers. Details are mailed to residents with the sweep packet.