River Watch Task Force

About the Task Force
The Temple Terrace River Watch Task Force was created March 20, 2007, to give our city a larger voice in the conservation, protection, and utilization of the Hillsborough River. In 2008, the City Council designated the task force as a permanent five-member board.

We hope you'll join us in protecting this great natural resource that enhances the beauty and unique environmental character of Temple Terrace.

River Patrols

Temple Terrace Police Marine Patrol Officer Greg Stevanus patrols the river daily, educating the public about boating safety, while searching for those engaged in poaching, dumping, and other illegal activities. Residents can help protect the river by keeping an eye on their surroundings and reporting suspicious or criminal activity to Officer Stevanus at (813) 421-4811. In an emergency, call 9-1-1.


The Temple Terrace River Watch Task Force is the winner of the Planning Commission’s 2011 Executive Director's Award. 

River Watch Task Force Vision & Mission Statement

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River Watch Task Force