Investigative Services Division

The Investigative Services Division (ISD) is supervised by Captain Greg Pauley, a twenty-eight year veteran of law enforcement.

ISD consist of various units which offer specialized services to the community; these units include...

Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU)
Members of the Criminal Investigations Unit, also known as the Detective Unit, are responsible for all latent investigation associated with crimes report to the department. CIU's objectives centered around the methods and resources necessary to locate and arrest persons responsible for crimes committed throughout the City of Temple Terrace.

Captain Greg Pauley
Division Commander
Special Enforcement Unit (SEU)
The members of SEU serve a multifaceted and vital role for the department. They conduct highly visible proactive law enforcement associated with street crimes and also function as a less visible, more covert element of the department when necessary to meet the needs of our community. SEU also oversees special investigations related to narcotics and beverage enforcement.

To report a crime tip to SEU, please call: (813) 506-6500.

Crime Prevention Unit (CPU)
The members of CPU work daily to foster long-term partnerships between the department and the community. Their focus is establish and maintain ongoing relationships whereby the police and citizens work together to prevent crime in our community. This is the primary function behind the concept of "community policing". We are committed to the idea that through awareness and education, citizens become the extra "eyes and ears" of the police department. Citizen participation in crime prevention programs helps the police department prevent crime before it happens.

CPU offers a variety of programs and services; to include:
  1. On-Duty Video Series for a Safer Community
  2. Social Media Community Connections
  3. Neighborhood Watch
  4. Apartment Community Crime Watch
  5. Citizen Volunteer Patrol Program
  6. Security Surveys
and many more. For a complete list, visit our Community Programs page.

For more information on any CPU program or services, please call: (813) 506-6500.

Marine Unit
The department also offers full-time marine patrol services for the Hillsborough River. Through an agreement with the Sheriff's Office, our Maine Unit is responsible for marine, fish, and wildlife law enforcement along the Hillsborough River from the 4oth Street bridge in Tampa, all the way north to Nature's Classroom in Hillsborough County.

To speak to our Marine Patrol Officer, please call: (813) 506-6500.

Crime Scene / Property Unit (CSU)

The CSU is responsible for crime scene processng duties associated with major investigations and for items submitted by officers and detectives. This unit is supervised by our Evidence & Property Manager and is also responsible for the secure storage and proper management of all items impounded by members of the department.

Surplus Property Information:
The Temple Terrace Police Department regularly submits surplus equipment, seized evidence, and unclaimed property for public aution. To learn more, visit our auction information page.

Special Operations Unit (SWAT & CRT)

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
The SWAT team provides specialized support to law enforcement operations during high risk situations. Some of the activities that SWAT is responsible for include: dignitary protection, barricaded subjects, hostage situations, arrests of armed or dangerous persons, and any other incident that may require a special tactical response.

Crisis Response Team (CRT)
CRT, the department crisis negotiation team, works in tandem with SWAT to attempt to resolve high risk crisis situations in the most peaceful manner possible. Their philosophy of "let's talk" is the guiding principal behind their primary mission to use an open dialogue in an attempt to prevent or minimize violence.