Services Division

The Services Division is supervised by Commander Sheryl Shinglton, a fourteen year veteran of the department.

Communications Unit
Temple Terrace is a primary 911 call center for Hillsborough County. The Communications Unit is responsible for answering all calls for both the Police and Fire departments. The Communications Unit is staffed by a team of Communication Officers trained in 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch and several Senior Communication Officers who fulfill the very important role of training new members. All members are supervised by the Communications Unit Supervisor.
Sheryl Shingleton
Division Commander

Police Records Unit
report_thumb.png The Records Unit is located on the first floor of City Hall and is responsible for processing all reports generated by the department. This unit is staffed by a records clerk and supervised by the department's Records Manager. Each business day, all reports are processed and forwarded to the appropriate authority as required by policy. Strict guidelines govern the release of investigative reports and related documents.

The Florida Statute (Chapter 119) outlines the criteria of what is considered a public record. The department complies with all records requests in accordancewith public records laws.

Address and hours of operations:
Police Records Unit
11250 North 56th Street
Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am. - 5:00 pm.

For more information on public records request or obtaining a copy of a police report, please contact our Records Unit at (813) 506-6516 or

Florida Statutes decree what fees may be lawfully imposed for inspecting and copying public records. In accordance with Section 119.07, Florida State Statute

Single-sided copy: $ .15 each page
Double-sided copy:$ .20 each page
Certified copy: $1.00 each document
Extensive Research: Deposit required according to nature of the request.

(A special service charge when the nature or volume of public records to be inspected is such as to require extensive use of information technology resources, or extensive clerical assistance or supervisory assistance or both.)

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