Amnesty Program


The City of Temple Terrace is implementing a temporary Code Enforcement Fine Amnesty Program, which will run for three months (April 1 to June 30, 2017). Eligible Temple Terrace property owners (Applicants) could have their outstanding code enforcement fees reduced by 85 percent, or pay 15 percent of the market value of the property in question, whichever is less. In addition, during this Amnesty Program the property title will be cleared, once the balance is paid in full.


  • The code enforcement lien must have been filed more than one year prior to April 1, 2017. Subject property must be titled in the name of the Applicant.
  • Subject property is fully compliant with applicable codes. All other property owned by the Applicant within Temple Terrace city limits must be in  compliance with applicable codes.
  • No other outstanding debt due to the City by the Applicant. Properties brought into full compliance during the Amnesty Program become eligible for reductions.
  • The program does not apply to burglar alarm cases, fire risk reduction cases, and land-use cases.
  • The property must not be the subject of any litigation, nor the Applicant be involved in any litigation with the City of Temple Terrace.
  • Applicant must attest that all information is true and correct on the application, which must be signed and notarized.
  • This temporary program is intended as "one time only" and applications will only be accepted from April 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017.


  • Outstanding fines may be reduced by 85 percent (85 %), or property owner will pay 15 percent (15 %) of the market value of the subject property, whichever is less. For purposes of lien reductions, the market value of the subject property shall be determined as reflected by the current Hillsborough County Property Appraiser's records.
  • Reduced fines exceeding the 15 % limit shall be capped at $5,000 during the Amnesty period.
  • Fines exceeding $1,000 may be paid with a 50 percent (50 %) down payment, and the remaining balance paid in monthly installments, during a period not to exceed 12 months from the day the reduction is granted.
  • The lien will remain in place until full payment is received. Upon receipt of the final payment, the City will file a Satisfaction of Lien with the Hillsborough County Clerk of the Court.


  • For questions, to learn more about this program, or to download an application form, visit You may contact the clerk of the Municipal Code Enforcement Board at (813) 506-6444.
  • Completed applications can be emailed to Email Amnesty Program or mailed to the Temple Terrace City Clerk's Office, 11250 N. 56th St., Temple Terrace, FL 33617.
  • Download the Amnesty Program Application Form
  • Applications will be accepted only from April 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017.
  • A separate application must be filed for each property for which a lien reduction is requested.