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Library Policies
Library Policies
For information on circulation policies and procedures, including fines and check-out periods, please see the Tampa Hillsborough Public Policy webpage.

Code of Conduct

This "CODE OF CONDUCT" is intended to encourage behavior that supports the Library's mission of providing the best possible resources in a warm, welcoming environment. Behavior becomes unacceptable when it interferes with this mission, compromises the rights of others, causes damage to buildings or equipment or causes injury to oneself or others. Those willing to modify unacceptable behavior are always welcome to stay. However, those unable to comply will be asked to leave. If necessary, the authorities will be called. Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct and safety of persons under their care.


Any activity deemed inappropriate or harmful to accomplishing the Library mission.

• Violation of an active trespass warrant

• Abusing or vandalizing library buildings, materials, computers, equipment or other property

• Bathing, shaving, washing clothes or other inappropriate use of restrooms

• Behaving in a manner which reasonably can be expected to disturb other patrons or staff

• Bodily hygiene that is offensive as to constitute a nuisance or health risk to others

• Bringing animals into the library with the exception of certified service animals

• Operating any radio, telephone or other device

• Bringing weapons into the library unless authorized by law

• Damaging, destroying or removing library materials without proper check out.

  (The library reserves the right to inspect packages or bags for library property.)

• Drinking beverages in open containers or at library computer stations

• Eating food in non-designated areas

• Failure to follow library rules and regulations

• Harassing, intimidating, stalking or prolonged staring at other customers or staff

• Inadequate attire; shirts, shorts, slacks or skirts and shoes are required

• Leaving individuals, minors or adults, requiring care or supervision unattended at closing

• Loitering on library property

• Loud, boisterous or disruptive behavior

• Misuse of computers 

• Placing feet on table or chairs

• Possessing, consuming or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

• Using abusive language

• Verbal or physical abuse or harassment of library customers or staff

• Skateboarding, roller skating or any similar activity on library property

• Illegal activity of any sort

• Selling or soliciting

• Sexual activity

• Sleeping

• Smoking

• Proselytizing

• Putting up posters, signs or sandwich boards for non-City sponsored groups

• Setting up a table or display in the lobby without authorization