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covid vaccine vial and needleVaccines Save Lives

The Coronavirus and its variants still pose a threat to those who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine. The shots are readily available in the Temple Terrace area. For a list of venues offering the shot, go to vaccines.gov and enter your zip code. More information about COVID-19 and available assistance for those adversely affected by the pandemic can be found on this page devoted to coronavirus resources.

Vaccines Hurricane PreparednessHurricane

Make sure that you and your family are prepared for the next storm! For information about how to best protect yourself and avoid disaster visit this page.

911 Hand

If You Can't Call 9-1-1, You Can Text 9-1-1

Residents or visitors to Hillsborough County can send a text message to 911 for help during an emergency. While calls are still the best and fastest way to contact 911, text messages are an option when a call may not be possible. Adding text to 911 will help make emergency services more accessible, and safer for anyone in need of help but unable to call. For more information, watch this video.