Unattended Child Policy

Temple Terrace Public Library is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for patrons of all ages. The library staff is concerned about the welfare and safety of children. The library is not equipped, and it is not the library’s role, to provide long or short-term child care. To encourage both use and good behavior, parents are requested to do the following: 

1. Children under 12 years old may not be left unattended in the library. They must be supervised at all times by their parent or an “approved caregiver” over the age of 16 who is able to attend to the child’s safety and ensure appropriate behavior. The caregiver must remain in the room supervising the child at all times. The caregiver must remain in the library while children are attending storytimes, puppet shows or other library programs and reassume supervision over the child upon program completion. (If no parent or “approved caregiver” is around, the police will be notified, and the parent will be held responsible.) 

2. Children 12 to 16 years old cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours. If parents drop off a teen to use the library, they must pre-arrange a pickup time. (The library staff phones cannot be used for this purpose, except in the case of extreme emergencies.) 

3. Code of Conduct Any behavior not conforming to the Library “Code of Conduct”, such as talking, eating, drinking, running or other disruptive behavior will not be permitted. Such conduct can result in denial of library privileges. After a warning by library staff, children who continue to be disruptive may be asked to leave, and parents will be notified. 

4. After Hours If an unaccompanied minor remains in the library without a ride home at closing time, library staff will call the police and remain with the child until police arrive. The officer will remain with the child until the parents arrive or take protective measures as needed.