Adopt a tree

There’s no better way to spruce up your yard than with a beautiful tree, and you can do it for FREE through the City of Temple Terrace’s Adopt-A-Tree program.

The City offers a variety of 15-gallon containerized trees, which are delivered and planted in a homeowner’s yard. All you have to do is water it!

The project is managed by the Temple Terrace Community Development Division. “We come out and do a site assessment,” explains Joe Ferris, a certified arborist. “We talk to the homeowner and discuss where the tree should go. We like to follow the philosophy of ‘right tree, right place.’”

Homeowners can choose a live oak, magnolia, bald cypress, sycamore, elm or loquat. Ferris checks for underground utility lines and volunteers prepare the site for planting. All a homeowner has to do is turn on the watering hose.

“We buy it, deliver it and install it,” Ferris notes. “We try to use local nurseries and Florida species as much as possible. It’s a great program that helps mitigate tree loss and helps restore TempleTerrace’s urban forest.”

The program is paid for through the city’s Tree and Landscape Beautification Fund, which is funded by developers to offset tree removals during commercial development. Volunteer groups and organizations are needed as “shovel sponsors” to assist with planting.

The Temple Terrace Rotary Club, Coca-Cola, TECO, Goodwill-Suncoast, Bank of America and many other civic groups and businesses have participated.

For more information about the Adopt-A-Tree program, or if you are interested in having your club or organization volunteer to be a “shovel sponsor,” call 813.506.6482.