City Staff Directory


11250 North 56th Street
Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Name Title Email Phone
Ahern, Kelly Rec Leader III - Senior Programs 813.506.6630
Albano, Kenneth Chief of Police 813-506-6500
Alderman, Robin Administrative Assistant III 813.506.6560
Barlow, Jeannie Executive Assistant 813.506.6413
Beltran, Tiffany Aquatics Supervisor 813.506.6615
Bledsoe, Janet Human Resources Officer 813.506.6434
Borroni, Tom Code Compliance Director 813.506.6680
Bynum, Nathan Marketing & Communication Assistant  
Cardona, Marlene Police Records Clerk 813.506.6516
Celleri, Irma Utility Billing Specialist 813.506.6424
Cichon, Pam City Attorney 813.506.6474
Collins, Cori Division Director, Parks & Recreation 813.506.6602
Ferris, Joseph Permit Technician 813.506.6473
Foutts, Dawn Recreation Supervisor 813.506.6600
Fraser, Teressa Library Division Director 813.506.6770
Garcia, Kristin Deputy City Clerk 813.506.6444
Hagewood, Michael Division Chief - Risk Reduction 813.506.6692
Hale, Nathan Deputy Director of Public Works Utilities 813.506.6575
Hayes, Laurie Marketing & Communications Officer 813-506-6406
Ingram, James Assistant Finance Director 813.506.6414
Jeter, Phillip Recreation Supervisor 813.506.6614
Kelley, Caley Evidence Manager 813-506-6553
Kemp, Ian Fire Chief 813.506.6700
Langefeld, Karl Leisure Services Director 813.506.6600
LeBlanc, Ray Public Works Operations Director 813.506.6560
Mooney, Cheryl City Clerk 813.506.6440
Munson, Sabrina Purchasing Specialist 813.506.6416
Murley, Scott Division Chief - Operations 813-506-6705
Pauley, Greg Business Relations Manager 813-506-6483
Rodriguez, Jennyfer Human Resources Technician II 813.506.6436
Samon, Shane Assistant Fire Chief 813.506.6704
Sanders, Sally Police Records Manager 813.506.6518
Shingleton, Sheryl Services Division Commander 813-506-6500
Silva, José Code Compliance Officer 813-506-6685
Simpson, Susi Administrative Assistant II 813.506.6450
Squires, Cletus Fire Inspector 813.506.6693
Tidwell, Rachel Administrative Assistant III 813.506.6600
Tinch, Troy Director of Public Works Utilities 813.506.6575
Vaccaro, Julie Administrative Assistant 813.506.6570
Valenti, Len Housing Compliance Officer 813.506.6690
Zarella, Rebecca Administrative Assistant III 813.506.6700
Cabrera, Sally Information Technology Director 813.506.6455